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Value Added Outsourcing Services

From time to time you may have special projects crop up at your company. When they do, it can be disruptive and expensive to either shift experienced personnel to tasks they are unfamiliar with or bring in temporary workers.

Let us help. Outsource such projects to MMM, eliminate the need for temporary workers, and keep experienced workers focused on your core activities. We can provide you a quote per item, which will allow you to know exactly what your expenses will be to complete the work. We save you time and money on the following:

• Assembly
• Compiling
• Kitting
• Quality Checks
• Labeling
• Packing
• Packing Conversion
• Piecework
• Rework
• Shrink-Wrapping
• Sorting
• Store Displays

Packaging Boxes

Packing Details

MMM is ready to help you with any of your packing needs, by providing individualized attention to your product. Packaging can take the form of restacking pallets or assembling point-of-purchase displays to packing bulk items into consumer-friendly quantities or simply changing from one package to another more updated package.  In other cases, MMM performs pre-manufacturing assembly and staging of packaging materials to fit your production needs Pre-manufacturing assembly has the benefit of streamlining manufacturing processes, which saves you time and labor. This can take the form of pre assembling case, labeling bottles etc.  We have the knowledge and resources to quickly respond so you can meet your schedules in a changing environment.

MMM is ready to discuss your packing needs. Contact Scott at 816-416-8814 or email him.