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Midwest Material Management

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About Our 3PL Company

MMM is a full service logistics partner you need for success in today's competitive markets. Our background extends through three decades of service in the Kansas City area. As we grow, our philosophy remains focused on providing individualized attention to you.

Warehousing & Logistics

As your third party logistics (3PL) partner, we maintain a knowledgeable and trained workforce capable of meeting your needs. MMM provides warehousing and logistics services including the following:

• Distribution Center Services
• Fulfillment
• Inventory Control
• On-Demand Quality Assurance
• Packaging Services
• Value-Added Services
• Pallet Availability
• Receiving
• Shipping
• Storage
• Transportation Management
• Trucking & Transportation
• Kitting & Assembly
• Other Supply Chain Needs

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Getting services in sync with each other can be a challenge. MMM has staff practiced in coordinating parcel shipping, pick-up services, e-commerce offerings, inventory management, and control systems for you.

Customer Service

We value every customer we do business with, which is why you can always count on us for the following:

• Customer-Focused Service
• Team Problem Solving
• Flexible Scheduling
• Quick Turnaround
• Responsiveness